William Lane Craig Sells a Walk In Fridge

Customer: Hi, I am looking for a walk in fridge for my butchery.

Craig: You are welcome to look at our finely tuned fridge, specially made by our fridge designer!

Customer: That sounds good, may I see it.

Craig: Please sir, walk in.

Customer: It's hot in here. Where do I put my meat.

Craig: Walk with me.

(Craig walks into a corner and points to a one by one square centimetre block.)

Craig: This is where you put your meat. See? It is perfectly tuned to keep your produce cool!

Customer: How is that perfectly tuned? I can only keep a slice of salami in here, if I am lucky!

Craig: You see my ignorant friend, refrigerator design has many precise values. Scientists have come to the shocking realization that each of these numbers have been carefully dialed to an astonishingly precise value by our fridge designer- a value that falls within an exceedingly narrow, meat permitting range. If any one of these numbers were altered by even a hair's breadth, all your meat will spoil. There'd be no salami.

Customer: But most of your fridge can't hold meat? How is that a finely tuned fridge? I guess I just don't get it.