Germ Paranoia and Why we still get the flu every damn winter.

Don't like touching things in public? Don't like sitting on public toilet seats? Well I've got news for you. Your paranoid, and your wasting your time avoiding things that are for the most part not dangerous. The 3 second rule is also a nonpoint. Why?

Well... germs ... for the most part like warm wet places. Such as your mouth. You have germs in your mouth that are perfectly harmless, but they're there. A toilet seat is cold and dry and usually does not provide a good place for these little fellas to cultivate.

The worst part about germ paranoia is that if we should be paranoid, we should be more paranoid about the flu.

The worst thing you can do when you have flu is to cough on your hands. Why? Because that's how you spread germs. You should be coughing into your sleeve. That way the virus doesnt contaminate everything you touch with your hands. Your hands aren't exactly sponges either, so much of the virus will escape through the vapour in your cough. Observe:

What about bubonic plague?

If you see how people lived in the era of the bubonic plague you will understand why they couldn't stop the disease. The disease was carried by fleas hitching a ride on rats. Because people were dirty in those days and seemed to have a lot of rats and fleas, the plague spread like wildfire, killing millions.
The plague won't ever happen in the first world for one simple reason. Quarantine. If the plague hits us today a quarantine will be imposed and people will stay home until the disease disappears. It's method of spreading is obsolete. We no longer have fleas biting us constantly and we no longer allow rats to run around in our houses. Our water is clean and we bathe daily. The only reasonable way for a modern disease to spread is through the air.
So how do we stop this? How do we stop the common cold and fl?. These little fuckers have been around since forever, and like mosquitoes and flies, don't seem to want to give up on pissing us off every year when their in season.

What to do?
It doesn't matter if you don't touch toilet seats because your more likely to get flu from people coughing. If you can stop the flu's primary mechanism of spreading, you stop the flu. And if your in the peak of a flu take some sick leave. Some people can be affected very badly if they get infected because of other diseases that they might have. So if you don't infect other people you might be saving lives. Flu might always pop up in winter, but we need to find out where and why. If everyone is a zombie it's hard to find the original zombie, so keeping healthy is important. If we can kill flu alone we can save thousands of lives every year, and live in a more healthy productive society. Maybe one year in the future we can decide to limit our human contact by using the internet to communicate, shop and work. Then we can nip this little fucker in the bud.