The top 10 lie

Why don't people pay for online content? Why do they just run off and download the stuff. The reason is the fact that it's so readily available. People know instinctively that its bullshit to pay for things that can be duplicated
cost free. You can't fight common sense.

If you ask me I would say there could be a market for delivering unique and unpopular content. If the Green Apple Splatters, a local band in Indonesia has an album out that has limited distribution, delivering it to a world wide niche audience could be profitable, considering that that is where community driven Bittorrent falls short. A global niche market can be huge, considering the reach of the internet. But not big enough to have the content readily available to file sharers. The torrents are seedless.

The top 10 lie that I'm referring to in the title of this post refers to the way that big content controls what we like. They shove these top 10 lists in our face and tell us that poke her face is the best fucking song ever conceived and we should all buy that album. The result is that it's shared on a file sharing network, and there are 3 million sources for the song. Why then pay for it?

The truth about content is that there is so much brilliant content out there that caters for just about every musical taste. There are some brilliant musicians that never get played on the radio, and their torrents have no seeds. They just don't have a wide audience and are often not as good looking as the RIAA pop stars.

They also don't give a shit whether they have an audience or not. They like making the style they make and fuck everyone else.

Sounds Utopian I know, but it's out there.