The tech community is full of shit.

The tech community is a collection of royal assholes who believe everything should only be done in one way. Their way. They constantly bicker amongst each other about which is the best OS, browser, media player etc... Everyone seems to be out shoving their opinion in other peoples faces. The "bloggers" seem to be the biggest proponents of this ignorant drivel. Just because you have a voice it doesn't mean you have to say something, so if you don't have something constructive to say why don't you shut the fuck up?

What bugs me the most is how people can attack free software. They may not use it, but they don't stop to consider that other people do, and that it is beneficial to society. When I write a utility I write it for myself. I don't give a crap if anyone else is going to like or use it. Most free software is written for one self I believe, you get nothing from the world out there really. If people start to criticize your hard work that you do for free, it is questionable whether you should do it at all.

I think the following will solve all the arguments... or start new ones...
  • Windows sucks, but it does what its supposed to.
  • OSx isn't the best things since sliced bread, but it ain't bad.
  • Linux/Unix is cool, but it still needs hardware vendor support and more users. Ironically without hardware vendor support it wont gain users, and without users it wont gain hardware vendor support.
  • FireFox is the best browser( you cant argue this point after seeing this : )
I could probably sit all night thinking of examples of common arguments, but these seem to reoccur constantly, to a point that it's irritating the shit out of me.