Quality of information

Since I am on holiday, and feel the uncontrollable urge to do something productive other than sit around and drink rum and cola, I started this blog. I don't like the Idea of blogs. I don't like the idea that millions of misinformed hack writers are able to publish bad information that other people suck on. We all know something, but by the time we write it down, the information is not what it was when we first acquired it. Consider exams...

You write an exam about something you read last night, and you still get it wrong. If you got 50% it means that 50% of the information you took in last night is now lost or corrupted. Lost information is not so bad, but corrupted information is evil. It should be a crime to pass on information unless you know it to be true, unless you verified it, and unless you yourself are able to answer to it.

So how do you judge?

It's simple for me. I disregard anything that is:
  • Misspelt
  • Has really bad grammar
  • Involves biased emotional statements
But the points above are just the beginning. Blogs are a bad place to get news. Most of the news you see is second hand, and polluted with the stench of malformed opinion.

So enough with the crap. I will try to make a few posts, and then there will be a silent time until I get my own internet connection.