South Africa is in a political crisis(again)

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I feel that at this point I need to speak out, as a patriotic South African who believes that patriotism is a love for your country and countrymen, and not the politicians and dictators that govern it. For those who are not in the know on the issue I will summarize the 2 main points in the "debate". The South African ruling party, the ANC is trying to pass 2 piecies of legislation...

The Protection Of Information Bill
This bill is meant to enable government to classify any piece of information they see fit all the way down to municipal level. This legislation enables the government to imprison whistleblowers in government and the journalists that report on these things to be jailed for up to 25 years.

One of the main problems with the legislation is how they define information to include letters, faxes...snip... opinions. They actually want to make opinions classifiable. Authors and media bodies around the world are freaking out because this will effectively disable freedom of speech in South Africa.

The second problem is something they call "National interest" which is something defined as anything that hampers the advancement of the republic. Defining national interest by law scholars and courts will be difficult... but who needs them right, when you create a judge->jury->executionor

The Media Appeals Tribunal
The media appeals tribunal I will admit is something that I know less about. This watchdog body will answer directly to parliament and its incumbents. So effectively this means that the government decides whether they like the news or not and if they don't they send the journalists to jail.

But it's unconstitutional
We will see whether the constitution of our country, which is touted as the most progressive one in the world, is a valid document or just lip service from a regime kleptocrats that have been destroying this country for the past sixteen years, just after the wounds that were still open after the world renowned "apartheid".

Like all African countries, we are ruled by lying stealing motherfuckers who can convince uneducated masses that what they do for them is best. To make matters worse the majority of the electorate still vote based on skin colour, except now most of them are voting for their so-called liberators because they are black.

South Africa was a beacon of hope in the failed continent. We came up with some clever stuff. Our military used to be one of the finest, now even they are pathetic. Everything has slowly fallen apart, but now it is becoming blatantly obvious that my beloved homeland has become a disaster zone.


Unknown said…
I agree with you but there is not much we can do. All we can do is sit and watch this space.

Unfortunatly people are still stuck in their old way of thinking that the whites want Apartheid, but they all seem to forget that we voted in the reforendum for us all to be equals.

The black people in this country will only ever vote for the black parties, I mean the DA are the only ones making sure that the ANC is kept in cheack, but they dont care because the DA is white and the ANC is king.

Slowly there minds are changing, but maybe it will be too late.