If you think that the best Sweden had to offer was Abba... you are mistaken. The best thing to come out of Sweden is an ambient trance duo named Vibrasphere. I'm not going to waste your time with details. For that there is a Wikipedia article.

I considered writing an album review but I thought it would be too sudden. I would first have to explain what Vibrasphere is. Since you can't sum up an artist with one genre I will say three. ambient, trance, psychedelic. But that doesn't say much. Anyone can slap those labels on their music. What Vibrasphere is, is an imaginative journey of the mind and a sweet syrup flowing into your ear canals. The names of the songs might give you a better idea of where this music will take you. :
Baltic Resonance
Sudden Comfort

The names of the tracks serve as adjectives to describe this superb act. The music is rhythmic without being repetitive. The big spaced reverbs are beautiful combined with the mellow but strong basslines. In short, listening to Vibrasphere is like going on a holiday somewhere deep in nature where you feel like you are going somewhere but you are in fact in the middle of nowhere, but content with it.

With trance there are little snippets that make a trance track, and Vibrasphere places theirs well and doesn't overwhelm the listener. You can listen to Vibrasphere while your napping on the couch or when your doing intense work. The music will not take your full attention but rather massage your ear canals whilst you go about other things.

I feel that somehow I haven't laid enough praise on yet... but I don't want to overdo it. The best thing to do is to check this mostly undiscovered gem out for yourself.