KDE 4.3 - A thing of beauty

KDE's normal Air look doesn't do it for me. I need something more serene. i stare at a computer screen all day so my idea of a nice desktop has to remind me of nature. Here it is:

In case your wondering:
Wallpaper: From interfacelift.com
Plasma theme: Mist
Clock widget: 2d clock superkaramba( i wish there was a plasma equiv)
Plasma Idgets/plasmoids:
- Ktorrent
- Now playing
- RSSNow
- Customizable weather plasmoid

Works for me :)

The fact is that i dont care that linux doesnt do things so nicely... because KDE looks so awesome doing nothing. Sure Im a serious computer user with serious needs. I guess here i am just geeking out. When i say serious i mean I produce music and there is no serious daw or support for my sound interface... For my PIM needs and entertainment KDE is perfect.