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Steve Shives

With his excellent An Atheist Reads playlists, where he critiques apologetics books chapter by chapter, Steve reads the books that I will probably never read due to a strong gag reflex.

Jaclynn Glenn

Jaclynn Glenn deconverted on YouTube and quickly grew famous with her sharp wit and melodramatic impressions of evangelicals. Good for a laugh.


Dark matter parodies religion, and specifically Christianity, by showing Yahweh with his angel sidekick Jeffrey dealing with some of the oddities in the Bible and religion in general.


A little more mental muscle is used when enjoying this channel, which explores apologetics and counters it. The Psychology Of Belief series is a brilliant exposition of the psychological factors involved in belief formation and retention. This will allow you to see religion in a whole new light.

Matt McCormick

An Atheist philosopher of religion delivers lectures on the topic of the philosophical aspects of religion and critical thinking.


Another philosopher who focuses on religious scepticism. Videos are short and extremely well articulated.

Podcasts And Shows

The Thinking Atheist

Seth Andrews is a former christian radio host who turned to reason and now runs the Thinking Atheist Radio show, featuring weekly episodes with guests from throughout the movement, reading of listener letters and occasional callers.

Dogma Debate

A multi-host show by David Smalley that runs way over time. The show sometimes goes for about three hours, which is perfect for killing time in traffic. The show often has debates with christian apologists where a friendly dialogue style debate is run, but formal debates are also sometimes the order of the day. The hosts are funny and entertaining, and the show offers a wealth of different things that is hard to sum up in one paragraph.

Reasonable Doubts

A podcast that includes a philosopher and a psychologist that studies psychology of religion specifically. There are usually no guests on this show, but the segments are very entertaining: including polyatheism, a segment where one god from mythology is explored and explained and counterapologetics, a segment that explores arguments for and against gods.

The Atheist Experience

Probably the most well known atheist broadcast, running for a very long time on public access in the US and also streamed online via Ustream, this is almost exclusively a call in show where anyone can call in and discuss their religious positions. This is the show where regular believers often phone in to discuss their beliefs.

Note: You can access all these podcasts and shows from the Player FM application:

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