About This Blog

What to expect from this blog

The worst thing to expect is to look at previous posts and expect a topic trend. I can't predict my interests, and so it is better to just see what comes up, and if subsequent posts are good. The frequency is also hard to predict. I have about 50% drafts of various levels of potential that remain unfinished, and many new ideas for posts. I would rather spend time on few good posts than try to churn out endless content that I can't be proud of.

That said, it would be fair to say that I am interested in human psychology, politics, scepticism, philosophy, religion and technology.

What not to expect from this blog

Thankfully, I can exclude some topics from this blog. Celebrity gossip, weekly astrology readings, conspiracy theories, motivational posters with images of sunsets overlayed with text to motivate you to not be the lazy chocolate craving overindulging slob that every human being, including myself, actually wants to be (you can be successful!, now go on then already and all that... consider that my final contribution).


I can be, and have often been shown to be wrong about some things. I don't delete wrong blog posts (although I did delete a bunch of extremely poorly written ones round about 2011), because I like to keep the narrative of my journey towards knowledge. Older posts form the map of my journey, and therefore nobody should be surprised if I contradict myself in later posts. My former self consisted of different atoms, molecules and cells, and so I consider him as a slightly different person, with different biases and opinions to myself. I'd hate to look back at myself and agree with everything I said, because that would mean I have stopped improving (hopefully) my knowledge. If you do me the favour of pointing out mistakes in older posts I will add corrections where necessary, but without modifying the original text of the post. If the correction you request overturns the entire theme of the post, I will create a new post and link to that post in the beginning of the old incorrect one.


I welcome engagement on any topic. I actually enjoy it and it is a large part of why I write. My preferred medium for engagement is Google+, since it is integrated with blogger, and since I hang out there a lot anyway. I prefer to engage with real names and real faces, so if you are a bluehead with a pseudonym please expect some discrimination.

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