The philosophy of introspection

The root of consciousness lies in our ability to look in the mirror and realise that we are seeing ourselves. Have you seen an animal look in the mirror and try to attack or befriend the image they see? They do not know that they are looking at themselves. From a very young age we as humans pose before the mirror, knowing that image is us. This is what seperates us from beasts.

If we do not look at ourselves we will become unaware of what we are, why we are here and what it is that makes us... well... us. We have failed to stay conscious beings. Many humans do not look in the mirror anymore. They have become beasts. They no longer inspect the systems that make them human, or inhuman. The ego is the barrier. The narcisist will do everything in his power to protect his ego. Failure to protect his ego will surely result in death.

Our narcisistic culture has provided us with something new. Images that are supposed to reflect who we want to be. No longer do we look in mirrors. We see who we want to be in magazines, movies and billbaords. We have become a herd. We have lost our individuality in favor of pleasing others, so that we can grow our egos. Our Gods are actors, our priests are talk show hosts, and our lives are empty shells of what we could be.

I don't know why I have gone off into this tangential thinking of late, but I feel it is a coming together of my frustration with humanity. Why can't we kill these Gods? Why can't we dispose of these idols? Why can't we decide what we want to be by looking at ourselves and seeing what is wrong? Fix it. We can't fix it... we are moving into the new dark age, the age where intellectuality is evil and governments are Gods of morality, telling us what they think we should be doing, and putting our opinions under house arrest.

We have appointed these dictators, because we are too afraid to think and decide for ourselves. Look back on your life. Have you sold your dreams for a big screen tv? Have you lost your will to become something more, something better? Have you lost your self control and morality and handed it over to someone else to become of the gatekeeper of your existence. Oprah is your opinion, Rhema is your morality, sportsmen are your achievements. You have failed to be anything more than nothing. You have become a beast, in herd where the witches must be burnt.

They blaspheme and talk of freedom, you don't want that. You would rather be safe. Have safe opinions, have no enemies. Live life to procreate. Live life to force your dreams onto your offspring, because you failed to be what you really wanted to be.

The clock is ticking. You have only a few years left in your life. You can choose to seek the truth or accept the lies of others. Why do you live? What is it that makes you not wonder whether your Oprah or your Rhema is wrong.

They are wrong. They are the sickness that infests your soul, telling you what to think and to believe.

I don't really know where all this is coming from, but it seems to be flowing out of me. I wish I could save you. I see you suffering and toiling to become mediocre everyday, failing to reject the lies you live your life by. It makesyou happy that you are this way. Stand naked in front of you mirror. Now stand there. Now look at yourself. Really inspect every inch of what you are outside. This is you. Now ask yourself how much of what you believe is really yours. Is it yours or is it that of the television, your parents, your ministers, your idiot Gods you see on tv. If you have nothing, there is still a chance to change. There is still a chance to challenge them. Get those fuckers out of your head. They are poison. Oprah is selling books. Rhema is selling religion. Why is it that they are so great when they are selling you a truth. The truth cannot be bought and sold. It can only be acquired by those who are willing to suffer the pain of knowing it, and only those who are willing to live with the pain of watching others deny it.

I am not selling you an opinion. I am asking you to formulate your own. I am asking you tell everyone to their face to "FUCK OFF". Everyone who has ever shoved something down your throat. Vomit it back at them. Vomit their own bile back at them, and free yourself to build your own morals, your own opinions and your own reality. The reality as close as possible to the true reality. There is only one true reality, and the seekers of it are on the tangent getting ever closer.

Become sentient. I challenge you. Don't let these prefabricated opinions be ejaculated into your ears, making you deaf to the truth. There is only one truth, and nobody knows what it really is. But the only righteous path is the path to finding it.

The doctrine

We are constrained by the boundaries of our knowledge.We are inmates imprisoned by our own ignorance. If only we knew how to get out. If only we knew what it is we needed to know to be able to free ourselves from this prison. Freedom therefore can only be attained through knowledge.

I have spent some time this evening reading about the  Übermensch, a concept constructed by Friedrich Nietzsche. The Übermensch sees his predecessor as primitive, much how we see primates now. Why is this? Is it really true that one day we will look upon ourselves in the past and see monkeys? I think this is already happening. Those who have been liberated through knowledge see the ignorance of society as a herd of ridiculous animals, sub sentients who do not know what it is they need to know to free themselves. I wish I had intended my statement above in a funny or condescending way, but it is the most tragic story of modern society.

For some reason many people try to live their lives by learning as little as possible and getting the most out of life, never realising that lacking in knowledge can only be a path to tragedy. They are the lowest common denominator, they move in the path of least resistence and the only thing they can ever hope to attain in life is mediocrity. Television and religion sell them the products to convince them that having these things will set them free. Having these things will uplift them out of their abyss of nothingness.

The willful ignorance that they subscribe to numbs their neurons to such an extent that they start to believe that they have attained enough knowledge to live their lives to the fullest. They subscribe to faith that tells them that their pointless existence will be superseded by a glorious afterlife, leaving them to hope for their own deaths. I cannot begin to describe the sadness I feel for humanity.

This faith gives them oversimplified versions of reality, that make them all knowing, even though they really know nothing. The tragedy becomes even more apparent when you see intelligent people stuck in this prison of ignorance.

I have never thought of myself as being intelligent. I have a strange craving for knowledge. An inherent curiosity about things. I believe that this is what characterizes the human race. We all have this curiosity to know more, to see more, to feel more, but we are indoctrinated by a culture that discourages interesting things, labeling them as boring.

Intellectuals are seen as inferior; heretics, unable to subscribe to dogmatism that forces curiosity out of their very beings. "Do not question God" they say. "God works in mysterious ways" they say. Don't dare ask why or you will be a blasphemer. "Don't play God" they say, because discovering the mysteries of nature is undermining his authority. "Don't blaspheme" they say, because even though God is an omnipotent and omniscient being, his feelings get hurt really easily, and you will be eternally damned for using his name.

I, and all those who choose to question are already the damned. We have chosen to be unholy in order to discover the universe and uncover the secrets of life. We are forced to accept the doctrine of the imbecile and treat those that subscribe to it as our equals. The truth is that there is only tolerance. We see them as inferior and they see us as inferior. They have to die to prove they are right, whilst our philosophy is sound in life. We have to hide the truth to protect ourselves from religious onslaught. How ironic is it that the unbeliever becomes the one who suffers religious persecution.

If you want to free yourself from these chains your ego must die. You must realise that all knowledge is sacred, and that any resistance to it is the root of ignorance. At first you will not know what it is you need to know. You will just have to start gaining knowledge. As you gain knowledge your perspective will change. The world will become a different place. Mysteries will have deep spirals of explanations that take you ever closer to becoming all knowing. You will never be all knowing, but this is the goal you can set if you want to become free. You must break down all mental barriers of knowledge in order to ascend to the next level of wisdom. The knowledge you gain will guide and make you wiser. This will enable you to know what you need to know in order to be free.

With every step you take the path will become more grueling, and more lonely. The darker it becomes the more visible the stars will be, and the more of the universe you will see. Eventually you might look back and see nobody behind you, everyone has fallen too far behind. But we are here and we are waiting for you, creating the future and becoming more than human. Gods amongst men.